Dexter Cider Mill - A Taste of Heritage

Open for the 2017 season

Exciting Announcement

Dexter Cider Mill now has its very own Hard Cider. Sold only at the Dexter Cider Mill. More to come about our exciting new venture in the near future. Come check it out.

The Dexter Cider Mill is the oldest continuously operating Cider Mill in Michigan. Cited by "Hour Detroit" magazine as one of the 101 places to visit in the greater Metropolitan area. Today we make cider the same way it was made 120 years ago by using an oak rack press. Using locally grown and hand picked apples and blending 3-5 different varieties in every pressing, which makes each press unique. The equipment used to press the cider is over 100 years old.

Along with our natural cider, we offer fresh apples and from our own bakery, doughnuts, caramel apples and apple nut bread. On weekends, we also offer original, home made apple pies (made from scratch), apple strudel, apple turnovers and our own hand rolled gingersnaps. Also available are a number of apple related products, frozen slushies (apple sauce through a straw), jellies, apple butter, boiled cider, natural and vinegar related products, barbecue sauces, mustards and pickled asparagus, several locally grown products, such as popcorn and various flavors of packaged soybeans.


The Cider Mill is home to the award winning "Dexter Cider Mill Apple Cookbook" and five family developed and locally millled packaged baking products - Apple Nut Bread, Walnut Crumb Topping, Gingersnap Cookies, Applesauce Fudge Brownies and Apple Cinnamon Scones

The Cider Mill is open from late August to Mid-November, Wed-Sun 9-5 PM. Events involve wine tasting from the Sandhill Crane Winery on Saturday from 11-5 PM and on Sunday from 12-5 PM. Other events showcased throughout the season, please stay tuned. We hope you enjoy the experience that our family has to share with you!

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